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Averys Wine Merchants
Feast is proud to partner once again with Averys of Bristol – established in 1793; this is a family-run wine merchant that signi cantly extends its trophy cabinet, along with its customer base every year!
It was rated at 9.2 on Trustpilot, was runner up Bordeaux Speciality Merchant of the year, and South West Regional IWC Wine Merchant of the Year. With  fth generation Mimi Avery at the helm of the cellars and shop and chairman of the West of England Wine and Spirit Association – a tenure that lasts until 2018 – you know you are in good hands. Grandfather Ronald pioneered Bordeaux in the late 40s and introduced Château Pétrus to the masses, (relatively speaking!). Then, the inimitable John Avery visited California and Australia in the 60s breaking into Penfolds Grange. The 70s saw New Zealand’s sauvignon blanc become his focus, and he in turn became the  rst European judge at the New Zealand Wine Show in 1978 and continued to do so until his untimely death in 2012.
Today, historical landmarks are recognised with respect and love for the wine pioneers – as the family celebrates the 50th anniversary of John’s very  rst trip to Australia and the 40th anniversary of the  rst trip to South Africa. Pair this with the future and with green forward thinking and you’ll  nd the current o ces of Averys at the top of the Eco Building of the Year list and the company providing a 100% pass rate for their sta  in the various WSET examinations 1-4.
Talking of the sta  at Averys... 16 of which are Personal Wine Advisors – you would have to search far and wide (rather like Ronald and John in the old days), for a more knowledgeable, friendly, and enthusiastic lot.
Every customer has an advisor and this is a detail that sets Averys apart from other merchants and an asset that is so incredibly useful.
Ronald was known to pen detailed letters of recommendation to customers who in turn became friends – this is true today – the pen has become digital yet the recommendations as broad and valuable. Of course there are also the weekly wine events held in the subterranean cellars, there are the corporate partners, and the more unusual stock in terms of a craft beer range that has expanded signi cantly over recent years – now boasting nine lines from four regional producers.
When asked about markets to keep an eye on, Mimi says, “Austrian wine is here to stay – it is up to 60% of Bordeaux sales which is traditionally our specialist region.”
Mimi is charming to meet – she shares the academics of wine with equal measures (250ml please) of passion. It’s in her blood, and we all look forward to taking the Averys’ advice and enjoying some new and exciting wines from alternative regions and unlikely producers.
In line with this, Averys has curated an exclusive o er for Feast readers, as you will see on the inside back cover of this magazine. 03330 148210
Averys Wine Merchants 9A Culver Street Bristol, BS1 5LD

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