Page 14 - Poole Audi Feast Magazine Edition 2
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01202 283000
10 -14 Banks Road Sandbanks, Poole Dorset, BH13 7QB
Rick Stein Sandbanks
Open since 2015, Rick Stein OBE has brought with him a wealth of interest, visitors, and damn  ne dining to Sandbanks, Poole, and indeed Dorset.
As a regular Feast haunt there is no doubt that the advent of the  rst anniversary represented the team getting their galoshes properly under the table and  exing their mussels over a menu that is now hard to beat in terms of quality and consistency. There is a price – well two actually – it’s not cheap and don’t try to walk up for a weekend treat, as it’s just not going to happen. This is a bucket (and spade) list venue and it’s in high demand.
The bar is always bustling – it’s a great place for a drink with friends, comfy lounge area and a bookshelf full of hardbacks, mugs, oven gloves, and souvenirs that more than hints at Rick’s presence – as if we need to be reminded. We enjoy a round of Dead Man’s Finger rum at the recommendation of the barman. It’s rich and spiced and we thank him – the barman that is...
Upstairs past the gleaming open-plan kitchen with a quick acknowledgement to the crowd of busy chefs catering for the wealth of diners on the upper level restaurant  oor and to our table – today not close to the view, but pretty much every table gets a good portion of sky, Brownsea Island, and captivating Poole Harbour wherever positioned.
The environment is that of a Knightsbridge restaurant, exceptionally well-thought-out stations for the team to work from, beautiful art thanks to Rick’s ex-wife Jill, precisely dressed tables (only the crab gets that much attention) and impeccable service.

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