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Poole Audi’s Feast
Magazine Edition 2
Even since Poole Audi embarked on the Feast journey back in 2014, the dining landscape, and indeed seascape, of the South of England has changed remarkably, as has the landscape here at Poole Audi – now settled into our new Audi Centre.
Attitudes towards formality at the table have been replaced by a more casual ethos, while authority prior to the plate has tightened in terms of sustainability and waste reduction.
This approach sounds familiar to us at Poole Audi as we have much in common on many levels with the fine restaurants and hotels within this beautiful area in terms of customer satisfaction, exacting standards at every stage of the experience, quality and perpetual improvement of product.
Feast is a super vehicle for foodies, wine enthusiasts, and lovers of fine experiences. It is a publication that is here to inform and to give our customers fresh ideas and insights into new and exciting dining experiences. It talks of some of the incredible characters that impact the dining scene in the South and of those that bring home the awards and accolades that put this area on the gastronomic map.
With three ‘Michelin star’ awarded restaurants in this edition alone, (and many more on the cusp), it is clear that we have our fair share of exceptional talent and dedication within a reasonable drive time from Poole.
Use Feast to explore different dining experiences, or compare familiar ones with your own opinions and why not suggest new venues that Feast can discover in the future, by contacting us through Twitter or Feast’s own website?
The area’s menus are influenced by the tidal borders of the English Channel and Solent, the fields, the forests, and the farms in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. Areas that many of our customers originate from and of course where many of them live and work.
It is a privilege that we can support and ambassador these restaurants, hotels and businesses that we have so much in common with, and enjoy their efforts and dedication while openly applauding their achievements through our patronage and exposure within Feast.
Feast Magazine is entirely self-funded and therefore impartial, and we hope that is evident in every review and feature. It is an illustrated record of some of the finest restaurants in the South, and indeed the whole country. I do hope you enjoy it thoroughly and I look forward to receiving your feedback over the coming months.
Finally, it is with thanks to the guests that have aired their opinions at many of the following reviews that I give you the third edition of Feast Magazine, and the second by Poole Audi.
Mark Laming, Head of Business, Poole Audi.
Summer Lodge, Evershot ________________________________________________________ 5 The Crab House Café, Portland _______________________________________________ 6 The Guildhall Tavern, Poole ____________________________________________________ 8 Hix Oyster & Fish House, Lyme Regis ____________________________________ 9 The Custom House, Poole _____________________________________________________ 11 Averys Wine Merchants, feature __________________________________________ 12 Abbots Cellar at the Priory Hotel, Wareham ______________________ 13 Rick Stein Sandbanks, Poole _______________________________________________ 14 Ken Hom, Feast exclusive _____________________________________________________ 17 Harbar Bistro at the Harbour Heights Hotel, Poole ___________ 18 The Point at the Haven Hotel, Poole ___________________________________ 20 Patrick’s Restaurant, Poole __________________________________________________ 21 Restaurant Roots, Southbourne __________________________________________ 22 South Deep, Poole ________________________________________________________________ 24 Isabel’s, Poole _______________________________________________________________________ 25 The Mill at Gordleton, Hordle ______________________________________________ 26 Koh Thai Tapas, Bournemouth _____________________________________________ 27 The Black Rat, Winchester ___________________________________________________ 28 Hotel TerraVina’s California Wine County Restaurant, New Forest ___ 31 The Dining Room at Chewton Glen, New Milton ________________ 32 Hartnett Holder & Co at Lime Wood, Lyndhurst ________________ 35 The Terrace Restaurant at The Montagu Arms Hotel, Beaulieu ___ 36 Verveine, Milford-on-Sea ______________________________________________________ 38 The Pig in Brockenhurst _______________________________________________________ 39 Ken Hom, Buddhist Casserole recipe ___________________________________ 40 Pebble Beach, Barton-on-Sea _______________________________________________ 41 36 on the Quay, Emsworth __________________________________________________ 43 Action Against Hunger, Feast’s nominated charity ____________ 44 Brasserie Blanc, Winchester ________________________________________________ 45 JSW, Petersfield ____________________________________________________________________ 46 Dorset Fine Dining, Feast feature ________________________________________ 48 The Harrow at Little Bedwyn _______________________________________________ 50 The Wykeham Arms, Winchester ________________________________________ 52 The King John, Tollard Royal ________________________________________________ 53 The Greyhound on the Test, Stockbridge ____________________________ 54 The Chesil Rectory, Winchester ___________________________________________ 55 La Fosse, Cranborne ______________________________________________________________ 57 The Jetty, Christchurch _________________________________________________________ 58 10 Castle Street, Cranborne ________________________________________________ 59 The Tickled Pig, Wimborne __________________________________________________ 60
Written, edited and photographed by Zoe Wilson, published by Resource. Contact Feast with your gastronomic feedback at:
Reproduction of editorial content including text and photographs in whole or in part without express written permission is strictly prohibited. Poole Audi assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions appearing within. Poole Audi regrets that no responsibility can be accepted for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs or artworks. Prices are checked during the production process of the magazine and are correct at time of going to press. However, due to currency fluctuations, prices should be considered to be approximate only. © Poole Audi 2017.
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