Page 47 - Poole Audi Feast Magazine Edition 2
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20 Dragon Street, Peters eld Hampshire, GU31 4JJ
The scallop literally melted in the mouth with samphire, a small crisp, and a glass of Picpoul de Pinet Jean-Luc Colombo 2014 – elegant.
The salmon was extraordinary – vibrant pink with a buttery texture and a glass of Nederburg Chardonnay 2015, vanilla and oak.
The suckling pig was a slice of crackling, cheeky suckling pig belly with charred onion, and a delicate Pinot Noir.
The lamb was outstanding – textures with salt-baked vegetables and crispy shepherd’s pie – which brings us to a JSW anecdote of a Tweet by the Michelin Guide which read, ‘an epic interpretation of a classic’ and that was referring to a lamb spaghetti bolognaise – Jake is good with lamb... Jake is good with everything!
A peach and raspberry iced tea refreshes as we look forward to the baked English custard, rhubarb, ginger beer jelly, and ginger bread – with a luscious Elysium Black Muscat 2014. We adore the blackberry and apple cheesecake and its presentation – reconstructed into a ‘cannelloni’ and enjoyed with a Nederburg Late Harvest Muscadel 2013.
The evening is exceptional – Jake’s company engaging and entertaining, and we  nish with more wine and chat. In fact we chat about wine and retire to one of the restaurant’s three double bedrooms.
So back to the consistency, we think a repeat visit ought to prove it – after all you can’t take everything the Michelin Guide says for granted can you? A sel ess gesture, of course! And before you ask – yes our socks did indeed fall o ...

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