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The Crab House Café
There is perhaps only one thing that changes as often as Nigel Bloxham’s menu (sometimes twice a day) in the rustic Crab House Café and that is The Crab House Café itself! Each year a few weeks are set aside to work on improving, expanding, and realising passionate dreams that partner environmental consciousness and community spirit.
For those who have never visited Portland’s delightful and distinctive Fleet Lagoon’s edge eatery, prepare for an adventure of gastronomic, educational, and sensorial proportions.
Nigel is a real pearl in the world of oysters. He grows three sizes of Portland oyster and perpetually evolves his growing, and indeed his cooking techniques.
With the promise of oysters, crab, and fruits de mer, you may be conjuring up all sorts of ideas of  ne dining and silver service – hold that thought – this is a restaurant where diners are supplied with a bib, hammer, crackers, and picks as standard – and that’s just to eat with (rather than assist in the regular renovations)! Getting into Nigel’s menu can be a messy a air – and that’s just how he likes it.
Dine inside the cosy restaurant alongside the open kitchen looking out to the west, or in the warmer months dine outside on the dunes under shades and pergolas. Either way, dining at the Crab House Café is something to behold.
Pre-starters of salted Pollock and tomato hummus, crudités, and ciabatta toast give us time to look at the crabs, oysters, starters, and mains over a glass of Furleigh Estate Classic Cuvée 2009 and discuss the collective notion that cooking an oyster is somewhat of a sacrilege. Sel essly, we compromise with four oysters au natural, four oysters Italiano, and four country style – and how we changed our tune – the Italiano with pesto and parmesan

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