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Hix Oyster & Fish House
When a local boy does good we all bene t and in this case so does the culinary world as a whole. Mark Hix, originally from Dorset, has a pearl of a restaurant in Lyme Regis proudly looking out over its foraging  elds and the feast that lies below Lyme Bay itself. Part of the Hix empire, the Oyster & Fish House is the rural representative, less formal than his other interests and perhaps, one feels, his most honest.
A steep walk down Cobb Road to the restaurant – ropes, driftwood, blackboards, craft ale, arty wine and a  ne,  ne view. A glass of chilled white Tonnix Douro while considering how lucky we are to live on such a dramatic landscape as the Jurassic Coast.
The menu changes daily based on the luck of the  shermen and the  nds of the foragers.
Take all the time you need to decide on which delicacies for lunch or dinner. There is an inspired à la carte menu, a concise vegetarian menu, and a children’s menu – which it’s worth noting makes for good reading and a thoughtful touch for families that like to eat out together. That is typically Hix, as page two of the children’s menu moves onto the Food and Art Club – we feel vaguely robbed. We remind ourselves though that Mark’s latest venture ‘Pharmacy2’ in Vauxhall is exactly that, but for adults – a place that showcases  ne foods alongside  ne art from Damian Hurst...
Back to Lyme Regis, and we snack on Burry Bay cockle popcorn and potted smoked salmon.
We decide to do a bit of everything and invest in half a dozen Brownsea Islands and Portland Pearls and enjoy the purity of the exquisite shell sh. We rip apart fresh bread and imagine we are at sea...
The Atlantic prawn cocktail is a blast from the past and is as a prawn cocktail should be – we have to share and wish we’d ordered two!
We instead have the Cobb smoked salmon ‘HIX’ cure with soda bread – it is a hugely generous portion and the cure is remarkable – as frankly is everything so far.
One more bottle of the Tonnix (another collaboration, this time between Mark and Mitch Tonks – with the label by Tracey Emin, a great talking point and a fabulous wine) and the  sh house pie with a Trill Farm garden herb salad again is a generous portion and a dish that means  shy business, just packed full of  avour and texture. The menu boasts some Eastern in uences, game in the winter months, a Glenarm Estate mighty-marbled sirloin steak, crab and  sh  ngers...
A quick Hix Fix before dessert proper – a shot of Hix genius and a Peruvian Gold chocolate mousse with honeycomb... all in the sunshine, surrounded by tables of families and e cient sta .
If you plan it right you can walk down to the Cobb – be back in time for sundowners and stay the night in Mark’s own Townhouse. That’s not all, have a peep at the events throughout the year and it seems that the Hix world is your oyster – go  shing with Mark, get married (not to Mark), join the curry club, and give Hix vouchers as gifts – he really does think of everything. Do book during the summer months and don’t expect to rush – this is one to savour... hix-oyster- sh-house
01297 446910
Cobb Road, Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3JP

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