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cleared with military precision and then into runny free-range farm eggs on a bed of raw fennel, lardons cured in salt and sugar, those aforementioned pink  r apple potatoes, (which had an incredible  avour, as promised), crowned with leaves and a fennel-top pesto.
The main event (actually the third main event) was of lamb; 12- hour cooked shoulder at 95 degrees, and loin on milk poached celeriac mash with curly kale and cauli ower with cumin, chilli and cayenne – an absolute pleasure.
Service is enthusiastic, wine  ows, and friends are forged at the table. Proceedings wind up with co ee pannacotta and a poached pear whose immediate relatives from the same family tree we hear will  nd themselves in a sorbet at a River Cottage function in the not too distant future...
This is perhaps one of the most appealing venues in the area for repeat visits thanks to its perpetual seasonal changes, evolution, and VIP front man. As for Hugh and his more recent TV pilgrimage we say this: Leftovers? Waste? You’ve got to be kidding, there’s no such thing after a River Cottage dinner!
The price points are high at  rst glance, around £80pp including half a bottle of wine, but not including Hugh. Actually, on the night this makes for exceptional value for money, but trust us – take your wallet as you will buy a book, buy the brandy and buy into River Cottage.
Cut... tractor for four please!

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