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The Castle Bow Restaurant
Contributing to the 1000 years of history that the Castle Hotel in Taunton has chronicled is a privilege. The hotel, once a Norman fortress, has been welcoming travellers since the 12th century. Today, under the watchful and traditional eye of the Chapman family, historians, TV personalities, (and a few guests and members of sta  from years gone by) patronise the beautiful hotel and the Castle Bow Restaurant, which is in a Grade I listed part of the building that originally formed the East Gate to the castle.
Drinks in the bar (some would say comfortingly unchanged after a number of years, others may suggest that a tasteful refurbishment may assist in the experience) make for a charming introduction to the evening. The sta , without exception, are all absolutely lovely and like to converse, help, and advise when approached.
The menu is like an A to Z of local fare – Brixham scallops, Devon Ruby Red beef  llet, Exmoor venison, Lynmouth crab, Quantock Hill rabbit, Somerset mallard, and tru es. These evoke images of Medieval hunting by the aristocracy with horse and hound and  t with an evening in the Castle Bow Restaurant.
The Quantock Hill rabbit raviolone was quite remarkable – con t rabbit with broad beans, wood blewits and a tarragon cream, it was a highlight of the Feast experience. The mains of saddleback pork tenderloin with spiced black pudding, pork belly, potato purée, kohlrabi remoulade, and apple alongside the herb-crust steam farm lamb loin – a slow-cooked shoulder with carrot and Potato Anna, are obviously both cooked with
skill and intuition by head chef Liam Finnegan. The beautifully roasted Exmoor venison haunch – crisp shoulder, with artichoke, red cabbage, and blackberry was almost veiled by the blackberry but nevertheless beautifully tender and after all, it’s subjective.
Desserts are traditional – crème brûlée, cheesecake, ice creams and sorbets, and British cheeses – all paired with a superb choice of dessert wines and sound advice from our sommelier.
Considering the environment and company the prices are surprisingly achievable with mains averaging at just £19.
So make, and experience, history at the Castle Hotel, after all – ‘Who are those gentlemen in breeches and boots in the corner of the bar?’ – ‘What gentlemen?’ our guests ask...
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Castle Green, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1NF.

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