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“Vegetarian food is fabulous and tasty”
says Lesley Waters
I must start by pointing out that I am not a vegetarian. What I am, however, is a great fan of vegetarian food. Vegetables play an essential role in a healthy balanced diet, yet are often left in the wings and never considered for the starring role. This is disappointing, when you consider the masses of  avour and colour that they can bring to a dish.
The modern way of eating, as demonstrated by many a chef, is by combining good, fresh ingredients in a simple, achievable way. It’s a great plan, allowing busy families to enjoy fresh, fast dishes. And vegetables lend themselves brilliantly to this style of food as they can be cooked in a wok, steamed, fried or baked in no time to provide a delicious dinner.
When I’m creating vegetarian dishes, I think of  avoured oils, dressings, salsas, and raitas to drizzle and accompany, plus nuts and seeds to add crunch and texture. Spices and herbs also make a great contribution, bringing freshness and zing to any dish. Peas, beans, lentils, wholegrains, and rice give added interest and are all great carriers of  avour – and to top it all o , you may also be interested to know that if you eat a good variety of combinations of these foods, your body will receive all the protein it requires.
My point is that modern vegetarian food is not dull or boring – it’s fabulous and tasty and should appear on the family table far more! I’m not saying don’t eat meat and  sh, as I say, I’m
not a vegetarian... just don’t overlook all of those other great- tasting healthy dishes out there, because if you do, you’ll be missing out on a real treat!
The Lesley Waters Cookery School makes for a rewarding day or night out and a cookery course makes for a super present for those with an aspiring chef close at hand! The courses are up close and personal with Lesley and are entertaining for everyone.

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