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I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.
with pop-up restaurants, outside events, educational talks, demonstrations, and in-house experiences. Since Mimi has been at the sharp end of the corkscrew at Averys, her team has taken its in-cellar events from two a week to sometimes two a day, along with tastings such as the Burgundy En Primeur event, which Feast attended; 88 wines, 80 guests, a dozen Burgundian producers, many buyers, and the opportunity of choosing tomorrow’s pick of the bunch today. What a super evening and one that illustrated the industry wide respect and fondness shown to Averys, from both sides of the cork.
On occasion, Mimi is known to put herself out there – such examples include food and wine pairing insects at the National History Museum! She has shaved her head for MacMillan and on a more sober note is chair at the West of England Wine and Spirit Association.
This all seems like thirsty work to us and we ask Mimi what is in her fridge at home? ‘Wine!’ she says. ‘Averys Champagne of course, a Dr. Loosen Erdener Treppchen single vineyard Riesling and an Ocean Eight Chardonnay.’ When prompted on a choice of New or Old World wines, she pauses and considers her father and grandfather lovingly... and splits her vote.
We have much to thank the Avery family for and none less than the tradition of a tiny drop of Champagne in each newborn Avery’s mouth –the business is in their blood from the word go!
And  nally, when asked of life outside the cellars, Mimi says much of her free time is dedicated to travels visiting family friends in vineyards around the world, and fondly reminiscing on old times – over a bottle or two of that exceptionally interesting new wine...

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