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Babington House
Discreet from start to  nish, take your eyes o  the road and you’ve missed it – an unassuming entrance gives up a majestic drive, and a community of luxury unfolds. Rather like the distinct modular Soho House logo, Babington is made up of a number of buildings and walled areas, housing wellness facilities and wellness gardens.
Dining at Babington is open to non Soho House members as hotel residents, a fact that elevates the already heightened anticipation. No cameras inside, guests expect privacy – reality expects that the parties Babington has seen since 1999 would raise the eyebrows of the most seasoned paparazzi!
The dining room is beautifully set, accessed from the gardens in the summer and past the wood oven and displays of vegetables and bread, as one enters from the bar. If one has accessed from the bar, no doubt any combination of cocktails have already been consumed in relaxing and low level surroundings. (Residents can also have cocktails mixed in any one of their 36 rooms, lodges, and cabins). In the bar, relax on the sofas and big poufs to share, enjoy open  res, and generous  oral displays.
To the dining table, perfection, crisp, and faultless – rather like the other guests, varying in ages and all engaged in conversation,  ne food, and laughter. The sta  gets to Babington business with professionalism and in the unlikely event of them not knowing, they  nd out.
The menu is simple and predominantly British in style, with Italian in uences illustrated in risottos, pestos, and
One cannot think well,
love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.
prosciuttos. The sardines simple and superbly fresh, the raw beef, Parmesan, and the tru e oil, which is aromatic and delicate. Mains of Old Spot pork, heritage cabbage and apple, and the beautifully rustic and hands-on Castlemead chicken, mash potato, and chestnut mushrooms (published for two, yet could satisfy four) really express the traditional rural British no-fuss policy of the kitchens – well priced with starters from £6 and mains from £13.
The grill demands its own section on the menu – salmon, seabass, veal, rib eye, and T-bone steaks. Vegetables and garnish from the gardens, Cheddars from neighbouring Somerset and desserts from the orchards and hedgerows – garden apple and blackberry crumble, Somerset burnt cream, and caramel panna cotta and honeycomb.
The wine list is considerate, one sheet of white, rosé, and red – ascending in price. While progressive – it is equally patronised by Europe and New World wines – it is a thoughtful list and positioned for all pockets and palates.
The Babington experience certainly has a VIP air about it. It is a treat, an experience, and it is informal in a deliciously chic kind of way! 01373 812266
Frome, Somerset, BA11 3RW.

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