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Chicory, Orange, and Feta Canapés
This is a really simple canapé to kick o  a dinner party, but it does pack a punch in that it ticks lots of taste boxes; sweet and sour from the orange, bitter from the leaves, salty from the feta and an umami kick from the sundried tomato. It’s vegetarian and gluten free too, yet boasts great textures and big  avour.
All the prep can be done in advance and they can be assembled about thirty minutes ahead of time, just keep them somewhere cool until needed.
Peel and cut the orange into segments, squeeze the juice from the frame into a small pan and reduce to a light syrup. Cut the root o  the chicory to take it into individual leaves and select 12 leaves that can be trimmed to make something roughly the size of a dessert spoon. Take a tiny sliver o  the bottom of the chicory spoons so they sit  at. Finely slice some of the chicory to give two tablespoons.
Mix the sliced chicory with the tomato and reduced orange juice, season to taste. Place a small mound in each chicory leaf and top with an orange segment. Crumble over a little feta and sprinkle on a few chopped chives.
1 orange, a blood orange if in season 1 head of red chicory
2 sundried tomatoes, drained and chopped
20g good quality feta cheese 1tsp chopped chives

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