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When I was younger I made it a rule never to take strong drink before lunch. It is now my rule never to do so before breakfast.
CHURCHILL oyster- sh-house
01297 446910
Cobb Road Lyme Regis Dorset DT7 3JP
Hix Oyster and Fish House
Mark Hix has got it right. Hix Oyster and Fish House is the sort of establishment that we’d all like to run. It’s bright, airy, rustic, bustling, and over owing with enthusiasm and  avour, not to mention the views.
Built up in the hill above the famous Lyme Bay Cobb, Hix’s guests are all adorned with stunning views down the Jurassic Coast and over the busy harbour. Each table with a di erent angle and drinks on the ship’s bridge-like terrace, while ordering from the elaborate menu, adds to the maritime charm.
It’s informal with bare tables, distressed wood, and a booking system that  ts in with everyone. On calling to notify the restaurant of a tra c delay, Feast was told ‘not to worry’ and ‘as long as there’s  sh in the kitchen and wine in the fridge’ our table was safe. It’s worth taking into account travel times from further a eld as other diners inevitably reel in some of the more popular dishes, which isn’t actually a problem as the menu is full of choice.
Phew! And to prove it, in no time we are enjoying a bottle of Mark’s own chilled Tonnix Douro white wine on the terrace accompanied by Hix Snax of Burry Bay cockle popcorn and breaded River Fowey mussels – who could help but be in  ne spirits? The snax illustrate Mark’s sense of fun, which is an attractive contrast to his more serious and humbling sustainability side.
Neighbouring guests are busy celebrating, visiting or relaxing as we sit down at our window table to enjoy a cobb loaf with a light smoked  sh paté.

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