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Starters arrive with a smile; the Cobb smoked salmon ‘HIX’ cure with Clodagh bread was a mighty generous serving, the salmon a luxurious deep pink colour with robust bread doorstops – deep smoky  avours with that Hix magic! The cuttle sh croquettes with hedgerow garlic mayonnaise are fabulous, rich and creamy.
A chat with the sta  about Mark’s accommodation in the town, a moment or two watching the  shing brigade catch the tide back into the Cobb after a day at sea, and the mains are with us.
The Fish House pie with Trill Farm garden herb salad is a treat, a proper, honest pie – good in size and one that kept Feast’s guest busy for a sustainable time! The roasted Newlyn hake head with Tonnix white port and Poole cockles is not one for the faint hearted – it’s a question of getting hands-on and in, there’s plenty of succulent  sh to  nd. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see this dish on the menu at other  sh restaurants along the coast? It’s brave for sure, but an absolute treat along with a garden salad and chips.
It’s been a busy lunch – a breath of fresh air on the terrace before desserts of Peruvian gold chocolate mousse and a shot of Hix Fix jelly, and Hix  xed we are.
The standards set here by Mark Hix are exacting, albeit in an unconventional way – Hix Oyster and Fish House certainly raises the sand bar, and if you are planning a visit why not push the  shing boat right out and book the chef’s table downstairs and get a front row in one of the area’s  nest kitchens?

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