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Action Against Hunger
There is an ironic synergy between some of the countries’  nest restaurants and an international charity that helps millions of malnourished and hungry children and families worldwide. But in fact, it is a relationship that works so very well and in 2015, over £300,000 was raised by UK restaurants through Action Against Hunger’s ‘Love Food, Give Food’ initiative alone.
Action Against Hunger is Feast’s nominated charity and applauds the humbling work done in the UK by some of the country’s top chefs, including Angela Hartnett famed from Lime Wood’s Hartnett Holder & Co, Raymond Blanc, Ken Hom, Cyrus Todiwala of Café Spice Namasté, Jun Tanaka, Francesco Mazzei, and the Gordon Ramsey Foundation to name but a few...
This is a charity that can convert a London East End car park into a Michelin-starred Street Food Fiesta and raise £127,000 in a day, and each penny represents the di erence between life and death – literally. £1 can feed a child for a day, and £42 can actually save the life of a child.
The charity was established in the 70’s in France and in the early 90’s, former chef Bill Knott got behind the cause and it has snowballed ever since.
Every year in October, over 400 UK restaurants, including The White Post, The Pig and Mark Hix take part in many initiatives, including the ‘Love Food, Give Food’ campaign whereby each of its tables is invited to add a discretionary £1 to its bill at the end of the meal. This initiative is building momentum thanks to the relentless work of the team at Action Against
Hunger, the chefs behind the restaurants that support the cause, and the generosity of diners.
The charity is always looking for more restaurants to support its work, and the following startling fact is one that makes the most cynical amongst them sit up and listen; more children die of hunger-related conditions than die from aids, TB, and malaria put together.
So how can you help? Action Against Hunger’s fundraising campaign manager, Caroline Dyer, said: “Well to those restaurateurs amongst your readers why not sign up to support one or more of our culinary events – you’d be in very good company and for those foodie readers who enjoy the amazing restaurants in the south west please do participate in any of the events throughout the year, Auction Against Hunger and Taste of London for example and keep an eye out for the pop up events and the ‘Love Food, Give Food’ nudge on your food bill in October.”
Other fundraising e orts by the chefs include ironman, marathons, and cycle expeditions. Those that have experienced the source of the hunger be it through ignorance, misfortune, war, or social and economic disparity bear testament to the fantastic work of the charity.
It couldn’t be put any better than through these words from Atul Kochhar of Michelin-starred Benares: “For those of us privileged enough to work with food every day, and never experience hunger, it’s so, so important to do what we can for those less fortunate.” 020 8293 6190

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