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Tempura oysters, delicate and absolutely unbeatable with a glass of Champagne, a great start to a memorable lunch, the tempura maintaining its crispness and the oyster succulent and salty. Enter the mimosa, a great palate cleanser ready for a break, before mains of a well-presented and generous beef  llet on the bone with plum tomato,  at mushroom, rustic chips, onion rings, and a red wine jus. Hot, rare and classic with its garnish.
A whole dressed crab with simple salad and chips can sometimes be one of the most remarkable dishes on a menu and this meets that expectation through its presentation,  avour, size, and hands on dispatch!
One needs time over a delightful lunch in Harbar. A chat to the e cient sta  and chef – always happy to discuss menu choices, wine decisions, and life, and chef always caters for a welcome break between courses.
Desserts are classic and the Opera slice brings deep bitter chocolate  avours, and the panettone bread and butter pudding brings the best of Britain and Italy together into a clever dish, which pleases all the guests who suddenly seem to have a spare spoon to hand...
The Harbour Heights is a destination in itself in terms of wining and dining. What could be more memorable than a meal on top of the world?

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