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The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star.
that with beers, ciders, juices, coolers and daisies, wines, West Country spirits, and cocktails you’ll appreciate there are some interesting choices to be made here!
With kind direction from the waiting sta , mackerel with crispy polenta and sweetcorn salad arrives at our window table. The starter is consumed with enthusiasm under the scrutiny of a stu ed hare on the windowsill! The burger, accompanied by pickles, onions, home cured bacon, and Bruton’s own Godminster smoked cheddar and chips, is cooked as ordered and is exceptionally succulent.
Desserts make for hard decisions. Finally, the baked vanilla and white chocolate cheesecake with garden blackberries, which is a picture and utterly delicious as is the ice cream sundae of salted caramel with chocolate brownie, hazelnut praline and vanilla ice cream, are chosen – both indulgences that can’t be missed and the ice cream is subtle.
With an average spend of around £25 per head – before drinks – this is a fabulous choice.
As the seasons change so does the art and menu – a rural venue worth the travel time, the service is superb and sta  boast an impressive provenance bringing together what is a seamless dining experience re ecting a core belief in culture, conservation, education, and sustainability.

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